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The largest block of 'mock' votes--nearly 75% of the total number of women living in the affluent constituencies of central Kuwait City--were given to modernisers such as former Minister of Information Dr Sa'ad Al Ajmy, contesting his second unsuccessful election, and writer and political activist Dr Ahmad Al Rubie, who lost his once secure seat.
The idea that people will become interested in a race because it is moved to Ascot, or to a Saturday, has a kind of moderniser logic, and I can appreciate that.
Which is another thing any self-respecting political moderniser should be contemplating: banning reality TV unless it is really reality TV involving real events and real people.
The party's Right will argue that talking about tax and crime got them back into the lead - the modernisers need to make sure they don't fall
But his remarks will fuel speculation about a rift at the heart of the Tories between traditional Conservatives and modernisers.
In a humiliating blow to Mr Kennedy, rank-and-file members lined up to savage plans to sell off postal services, despite warnings from modernisers it would make the party look ridiculous.
The civil war has centred on the decision to sack two members of Central Office staff, who were seen as key modernisers.
This issue, which looks to be a curtain raiser to a new debate around Section 28, has divided the party, where modernisers have turned on Iain Duncan Smith.
In the first major speech by a cabinet minister since the New Year, he was also aiming to quash talk of tensions in the government between Labour traditionalists and modernisers.
There's a strong feeling the game needs to be seized by the modernisers and needs young leadership, especially to deal with TV.
Speaking after the vote at the 115-year-old organisation's annual general meeting in London, brigade secretary and chief executive Sydney Jones said he was pleased that the move by modernisers had been defeated.