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These bungalows are very iconic for the California lifestyle, like patios are," Jonason says, explaining his fascination with the bungalow, Craftsman and modernistic designs found throughout the area.
The two modernistic buildings on the site of the old Warner Brothers Cinema opposite Manors Metro Station are planned to host the Newcastle Business School and the schools of Law and Design.
Visitors of all ages, many carrying cameras, walked around the building to gaze at the modernistic, curved walls and artwork, including three mural-sized backlit panels with images that change as viewers walk past.
Nothing exemplifies the change more clearly than the fact that the Hilton hotel, where the Mother of All Freebies took place, has been razed to the ground in preparation for its replacement by something even grander and more modernistic.
1) (P)recognition: Before any formal discussion of an -ism, students are asked to use the image option offered by the search engine "Google" in order to find images they think best represent the term and morphologically related terms: for example, modernism, mod, modern, modernist, modernistic, etc.
It is a modernistic piece, constructed out of tonal building blocks which are disassembled and rearranged into a dizzying array of harmonic pieces and rhythmic disjunctions.
I want to like them, I feel I should like them, but, although I can see that one turbine on its own has a certain haughty modernistic elegance, put a lot together and you are left with just one more industrial carbuncle.
The author believes that what follows this modernistic self is an experience of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment.
Coral Ridge Presbyterian, an imposing rectangular building with a modernistic 300-foot steeple looming over Federal Highway, has become the epicenter for the Christian right's most ardent generals and foot soldiers, thanks mainly to the coalition's steadfast leader.
Immersed in the vitriolic colors of these modernistic assemblages one felt as if the artist herself were inviting us to join her in inhabiting the ideas of the various writers and thinkers.
In both works he displayed an unusual talent, strength of conviction, antiwar protest, and modernistic tendencies, all of which made him one of the leading avant-garde poets.
Today, because of the prevalence of scientism among many modernistic Muslim thinkers, there is a vast body of literature being produced in various Islamic languages on "the scientific method.