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The two modernities, the aesthetic and the techno-scientific, are represented here in the same space.
A stronger case for differentiating Western, state-centred forms of modernity from meaning-centred alternative modernities would have contributed to a cogent analysis overall.
Besides Alexander Woodside's own, Lost Modernites, Huri Islamoglu and Peter C Perdue introduce us to Shared Modernities, Carol Gluck to 'blended modernities', Nilufer Gole to 'Islamic Modernities', and
Work in New Modernities and the "Third World" delineates disciplinary understandings of the arrival of modernity in order to develop a dialogue that formulates an inter-disciplinary comprehension of modernity in the "third world.
Since there are many different traditions, environments, and situations that can exist prior to modernity, there must be multiple modernities, each relating to a specific past.
Lost Modernities is structured thematically in four chapters, plus an introduction and a conclusion to underscore the author's arguments.
As history, then, modernity is not singular, enacted instead in its plural, modernities.
In this vein, Other Modernities probably tells us more about what modernity is not rather than what it is.
As Scott Lash, Ulrich Beck, Anthony Giddens, and other sociologists have maintained, there are two modernities, fairly differentiated structurally and chronologically.
In my view, what we witness in the contemporary world is the development -- certainly not always peaceful and indeed often confrontational -- of multiple modernities.
The fetishism of modernities is a 'social myth' that 'unifies many sided social processes and phenomena into a single grand object.