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A[cedilla] Modernize 6kV auxiliary power supply system.
The US wants to modernize nuclear bombs stationed in Europe in a way many experts call the equivalent of creating a new weapon.
Indeed, the Dutch Protocol modernizes the Limitation on Benefits article to ensure the treaty serves its intended purpose, while preventing treaty shopping and abuses that result in revenue losses to the U.
Therefore, he believes that Congress' best response will to be to modernize a state-based system.
Command, Control, Communications and Computers studies develop systematic, incremental recommendations for a country to modernize and regionalize its command and control functions and processes.
The state's efforts to modernize the Arabs were exposed as no more than methods of social reproduction which aim at continuing the exploitation of the Palestinian minority for advancement of Zionist goals.
Editors of texts by early modern women writers are often torn between the imperative, influentially articulated by Sara Jayne Steen, to retain original spelling and punctuation so as to preserve the voices of these long-silenced women as faithfully as possible, and a desire to modernize texts so that they can reach more readers, especially students who have difficulty with unmodernized texts.
FORT MILL, SC--Springs Industries is planning to spend $67 million to modernize and expand its towel manufacturing.
Rubin, secretary of the Treasury, recommended that Congress pass legislation to reform or repeal the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 to modernize the country's financial system.
GE Transportation, Locorail and Yakutia Railways explore a strategic relationship to modernize locomotives for mainline and shunting operations.
The Ministry of Natural Resources is moving forward with a plan to modernize its business and operate on a more cost efficient basis.

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