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This leads Tory modernizers to create a straw man liberalism which purportedly elevates the freedom of the individual at the expense of society and to press the charge that liberal ideas lead to anarchy, a claim made by Cameron in one of his early speeches as Tory leader.
For Tory modernizers, tax cuts arc toxic--history has supposedly taught them that having an argument with Labor over taxes is having an argument the Tories can't win.
In their haste to catch up to Tony Blair, Tory modernizers stigmatized any attempts by Conservatives to develop a genuine alternative to Labor.
In March 2009, though, Cameron acknowledged his party's spending plans were unaffordable: "We based our plans on the hope that economic growth will continue," marking a clear break with Labor and a central modernizer tenet.
27) While market proponents argued it infused the central city with a lively atmosphere, modernizers who sought to eliminate the market argued it violated a "respect for order, rationality, and wealth.
Modernizers dominated city politics and planning, working to ensure their view of the city's ideal future form and function would be realized.
Modernizers did not rate the market's cultural and community value nearly as highly as traditionalists did; in a few extreme cases, members of this group argued the market had no value whatsoever because it was not an essential provider of food for the community.
Although by far the dominant group, modernizers did not go unchallenged in postwar Hamilton.
In other words, the would-be modernizers acted against the religious establishment, Muslim or non-Muslim, and failed to co-opt much needed support from the Islamic establishment.
The point of all this, writes Luebke, is that the Democrats' modernizer philosophy is precisely why they lose.
Bill Bradley, Mario Cuomo, and Sam Nunn, take note: George Bush blends modernizer and traditionalist features in a very appealing way.