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The work is accomplished previously through Michaelangelo and modernly through the pieces I present today.
The period before 1989 is marked by two strong adaptations, each representing a viable modality of transposing literature modernly.
It is a modernly and dynamically developing country," said Polish traveler Anna Chaika in an interview broadcast on the radio's "Tourism Office" show on Sunday, referring to the attractive tourist places Syria is rich in which are not usually visited by the Europeans.
As snow falls across the country and temperatures continue to plummet, Premier League players have been wrapping up with neckwarmers - modernly known as snoods.
We want it to be casual fare with just some really nice ingredients modernly presented on a plate--clean and simple," Deal said, "something they can make a little gyro-style meal out of.
Modernly equipped meeting facilities, top service and special business programmes are available to guests, the study says.
In light of these "harryings and burnings and desert-makings," as he calls them, how could we omit other modern ruins, or sites modernly ruined, or places ruined by the modern (287)?
The suite is modernly furnished, with a lot of beiges and browns.
At the new and modernly arranged office, whose establishment was supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, within the framework of the agreement on cultural cooperation, information on a number of topics relating to the Chinese art, literature, history and tourism will be made available to the broader public in Skopje and the Republic of Macedonia through a number of electronic media and publications.
Despite his appreciation to the KRG for granting him a house, Jabar Ali, 42, is worried that Kulajo is turning urban with the modernly designed housing project.
59) Modernly, much of the force behind both the Fourth and Fifth Amendments has come from the Constitution's unwritten right to privacy.
Situated in a quiet and up-scale residential area in Muharraq are three modernly structured villas available for accommodation.