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54) More modernly, notes have to take a particular form to be negotiable, (55) and significant differences in legal outcomes could (and still can) turn on minor differences in language.
6) As a result, many jamu ingredients are now proven to have potent biological activities and been produced modernly.
The tugs are also modernly equipped to increase reliability and safety of vessel traffic in the coastal zone and in the port.
PESHAWAR -- Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) FATA Arbab Muhammad Arif on Wednesday handed over two modernly equipped fire brigades to the Director Local government FATA Syed Fayyaz Ali Shah.
Senior Star at Las Colinas Village, a Senior Star community, features modernly decorated apartments spanning across beautifully landscaped property with many customized amenities to offer its residents in a distinctive independent living experience.
Modernly, this concept focuses on the ability of things to exchange information systematically, to adjust automatically, or to be controlled remotely.
Living, talking and dressing modernly do not hide the fact that each person has that traditional touch in them, and with my art, I aim to bring out that sense of culture in every person.
Identifying implicitly and explicitly with the mouse elsewhere in her writings, she would seem to be in the garret--the traditional 19th century refuge of the poet-martyr, but (overturning conventional expectations as a lover of paradox), Dickinson also makes this the storage space for 'refuse' (obviously in need of jettisoning--or, thinking modernly, recycling).
The 2-storey development is comprised of five modernly designed 1- and 2-bedroom apartments and penthouses.
AengiA had earlier pointed out that Centrotrans Eurolines has vehicles that can contribute to improving the functioning of urban public transport, among which are the 10 modernly equipped minibuses that are for a few months already been parked in garages.
More modernly, however, many current infrastructure investments start with local offices devoted to prospection and the establishment of business networks, so as to build the relevant networks and to reduce the potential liability of foreignness, and the (in the infrastructure context) strongly correlated liability of outsidership.
Ingenious Contrivances, Curiously Carved: Scrimshaw in the New Bedford Whaling Museum" explores the creatures used using these modernly condemned items and their unique creations as a piece of history.