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Parking attendants, unfortunately, often seem incapable of applying a modicum of common sense when issuing tickets.
There was a modicum of justice, however, when the plane became snared by a barrage balloon in Keresley and the pilot, who thought he was somewhere else entirely, was taken to hospital.
The England captain seems incapable of realising that his exalted position brings not only riches and adulation but also demands a modicum of respectable conduct.
The throwaway age is certainly living up to its name along with any modicum of common sense.
Andrew Davies, the Finance Minister in Cardiff Bay, said: "There is a modicum of comfort for Wales that the representations we have made to UK Government Ministers have avoided potentially unfair and disproportionate larger revenue cuts of almost pounds 300m for 2010-11.
Despite going completely off the boil in 2008, the well-bred son of Rock Of Gibraltar showed a modicum of promise in a Lingfield seller last month.
The Lambourn trainer prunes his string right back at this time of year, so any runner with a modicum of potential is worth a second look.
To that end, the ballet will incorporate a modicum of audience interaction to help solve the mystery of Whodunit?
My Christmas wish this year is that people stop typing the word libertarian without first doing a modicum of research on what libertarianism means and how it relates specifically to the issue about which they're writing, or maybe even ask a handful of folks who at least call themselves libertarian.
I HAVE to feel a modicum of sympathy for Paul Robinson after England's best goalkeeping clanger since Ray Clemence let Kenny Dalglish's shot through his legs.
95), especially the breast, which, on a first visit, came forth too dry and had to be dipped in barbecue sauce to achieve a modicum of moistness.
The sleek, serpentine flank defines the edge of a new pedestrianised public square in front of the church and provides a modicum of dignity to the entrance to a motorway underpass that cuts underneath the site.