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In many cases, independent teams make many implicit decisions that may influence interoperability, performance, modifiability and other quality attributes.
The details of interconnection of LOs modifiability element and LO quality criteria are elaborated as follows.
These optional parameters are used in the fitness function to facilitate the measuring of modifiability, efficiency, and understandability.
An auditor reviewed the codes and themes determined by the primary researcher in order to ensure fit, relevance, workability, and modifiability (Glaser, 1978, 1998; Glaser & Strauss, 1967).
Consideration of the priority components contributing to the BoD allows us to orient our clinical or public health practice in ways that promote more effective and efficient outcomes, and allow some rational basis for prioritising problems and expenditure of human and material resources according to the potential modifiability of health outcomes and their determinants.
Anders Ericsson, Theoretical Implications from the Modifiability and Complexity of Mechanisms Mediating Expert Performance," in The Psychology of Abilities, Competencies, and Expertise, eds.
In this 1965 essay, Nelson visualized a computerized system that could organize information with "the capacity for intricate and idiosyncratic arrangements, total modifiability, undecided alternatives, and thorough internal documentation.
Be that as it may, Dewey's understanding of habit, as central to creative intelligence, does promise a useful perspective from which to observe education in utopia, where "original modifiability has .
argue that underlying learning skills may serve as mechanisms that link music education and cognitive modifiability (mediated music lessons provide a conducive environment for the development of select general learning skills).
b) prova assistida, em que o sujeito funciona como seu proprio controle, com medidas antes e apos a mediacao do aplicador: Children 's Analogical Thinking Modifiability CATM (Tzuriel & Klein, 1990) adaptada por Santa Maria e Linhares (1999)--avalia o raciocinio analogico-dedutivo (A:B:C:?
Modifiability of abnormal isometric elbow and shoulder joint torque coupling after stroke.