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Modifiability Negative cases or incidents that do not fit the emerging theory should be appropriately handled with modification to that theory.
these specified in the ISO norm (performance, reliability, security, modifiability, etc.
The details of interconnection of LOs modifiability element and LO quality criteria are elaborated as follows.
These optional parameters are used in the fitness function to facilitate the measuring of modifiability, efficiency, and understandability.
JC: The chief reasons that I prefer digital media over traditional paint for scientific illustration are (1) its modifiability, allowing incorporation of new scientific information and facilitating the revision process to maximize accuracy, and (2) the ability to achieve absolute photo-realism through photographic compositing, enhancing viewers' suspension of disbelief.
Deliberate practice and the modifiability of body and mind: Toward a science of the structure and acquisition of expert and elite performance.
Consideration of the priority components contributing to the BoD allows us to orient our clinical or public health practice in ways that promote more effective and efficient outcomes, and allow some rational basis for prioritising problems and expenditure of human and material resources according to the potential modifiability of health outcomes and their determinants.
Anders Ericsson, Theoretical Implications from the Modifiability and Complexity of Mechanisms Mediating Expert Performance," in The Psychology of Abilities, Competencies, and Expertise, eds.
For Scheirer (2005), this form of modifiability at the local level is an important factor in promoting sustainability.
Modifiability of abnormal isometric elbow and shoulder joint torque coupling after stroke.
The need for well-crafted learning accounts is underlined by the evidence for modifiability of IQ, such as the fact that traditional forms of schooling have a beneficial impact on intelligence test scores (Ceci, 1991) or that measures of intelligence can be moved by targeting such processes as "working memory" (Jaeggi, Buschkuehl, Jonides, & Perrig, 2008).
Open standards play a critical role in our systems with modifiability, maintainability, and increased competition.