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Synthego's modified sgRNA are synthesized with 2' -O-methyl analogs and 3' phosphorothioate in-ternucleotide linkages in the first three nucleotides at both the 5' and 3' end of the RNA molecule.
The higher output of genetically modified crops can reduce the input of grain, which is benefit to global grain issues.
The mafia importing certain genetically modified products even kills for its interests.
During the second screening, all groups then viewed a series of mixed images of both surgically modified and non-modified vulvas.
Still active on the Whelen Modified Tour, Fuller has 20 wins and 230 top 10s in 434 career starts.
SBS/KC composites have been successfully used to improve the high-temperature storage stability of SBS modified bitumen [7, 9].
Flight testing of this modified grease seal win begin this year.
Over time, the ability of genetically modified mouse models to serve as living instruments for both in vivo and molecular research has earned them a prominent niche in contemporary efforts to integrate genetics and genomics with classic toxicology.
Modified starch usage is more common in the United States, where modified starches not only increase productivity, but also paper quality.
In late 2003 and early 2004, researchers from NASA and Northrop Grumman conducted flights with two F-5E fighters, one with a modified nose.
But others emphasize that the study addresses neither potential risks to consumers nor the possibility that insects might quickly adapt to the modified crop, forcing farmers once again to resort to heavy pesticide use.
Public debate over genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has largely focused around their benefits and drawbacks to human beings (see "Food Fight," cover story, July/August 2003), but a recent study conducted at Purdue University is likely to lead the discussion in a different direction: environmental safety.

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