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Foundries that attempt to modify the preblend to overcome equipment variations in their operations will not be successful.
Under one of the special permits, on zoning lots developed with a landmark or with an existing building located in an historic district, the City Planning Commission may modify the use and bulk regulations, except floor area ratio.
The absolute dollar size of any item, regardless of its impact on a materiality base, may compel an auditor to modify the report.
The court stated that although an employer may waive its right to modify or terminate benefits under a welfare benefit plan by providing for vested, unalterable benefits, such an intention on the part of an employer must be found in the plan documents and must be stated in clear and express language.
Food manufacturers must often modify lipid components or ingredients in food to achieve the right balance of physical, chemical and nutritional properties.
Grades such as Exact 4042 and 3035 are being used to modify nucleated/clarified PP random copolymers for food-storage containers that require low-temperature toughness and clarity.
It is common practice for aluminum foundrymen to modify aluminum-silicon (Al-Si) alloys with strontium (Sr) to change the shape of the silicon and enhance the metal's mechanical properties.
Chemicals have been used to modify mineral fillers and fiber reinforcements for plastics for decades, providing two main functions:
Trace elements may originate from a variety of sources, including the primary ore; master alloys used to alloy, grain refine or modify certain alloys; fluxes used in treating metal; and the recycling stream.
A group of products in this family are functionalized and can be used to modify engineering thermoplastics, polyolefins, glass-reinforced and filled compounds, and alloys or blends of engineering thermoplastics and polyolefins.