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M. When persons were convicted of manslaughter in England, they were formerly marked with this letter on the brawn of the thumb.
     2. This letter is sometimes put on the face of treasury notes of the United States, and signifies that the treasury note bears interest at the rate of one mill per centum, and not one per centum interest. 13 Peters, 176.

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I agree with Mr Hough's comment that the material modulus is not a measure of lens stiffness.
As hard as it is to find continuous plots of modulus versus temperature, it is even more difficult to find continuous plots of apparent modulus as a function of time.
Owing to the small tested region in nanoindentation, the Young's modulus was obtained by averaging ten indentations.
The first three drops were ignored and the next three were averaged and the result was taken as the PFWD modulus of each layer.
To monitor the modulus development of reacting polyurethane foam from soy polyol and to study the effect of formulation ingredients and process parameters.
That choice had the particular virtue of providing a closed form expression for the bulk modulus.
The slope of the storage modulus curve can be represented by tan ([pi]-[alpha]) (tan equals to the ratio of the decreased storage modulus to the increased temperature (see Figs.
The parameter [alpha] contains geometric constants, the sample elastic modulus, E, the sample Poisson's ratio, v, the indenter elastic modulus, [E.
They said that this phenomenon resulted from a surface layer containing an excess of matrix material, which gives rise to a fictitious increase in apparent modulus as particle size decreases.
For instance, in 1995, one group estimated that the bulk modulus of osmium would be 476 GPa.
In general, this requires calculating approximate surface areas, volumes and modulus values through manual or software-based methods to break the casting into simple shapes.