modus vivendi

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Modus Vivendi Liberalism as a whole provides a valuable contribution to existing literature, is a starting point for future interdisciplinary research, and should stimulate a great deal of significant debate and discussion.
La autoestima es su principal valedora al organizar sus metas y establecer un modus vivendi.
But like a lone soldier, Tabarra creates his modus vivendi with the bitterness of someone conscious that he is fighting a war he can never win.
UK) present 12 papers that, perhaps more sympathetically than his most vociferous detractors would like, examine different aspects of Gray's work over the years, including his theory of modus vivendi, which seeks "common institutions in which many forms of life can exist;" his understanding of pluralism; his criticisms of concepts of progress; charges of nihilism; and ecological views.
HIGHEST END Buyers narrowing their sights on the highest end of Sarasota's luxury home market will enjoy browsing the Modus Vivendi portfolio.
EU officials also suggest the EU could continue to fund the PA if Hamas maintains its ceasefire while establishing a modus vivendi with Israeli authorities.
A target date would also light a fire under Iraqis to work out a modus vivendi [a temporary agreement between contending parties].
We'' only had to forge a modus vivendi between two groups.
For instance, there were more resources for missionary efforts among Slavic-speaking heretics and Catholic Uniates (of doubtful political loyalty) than in Russia's more volatile southern border regions, where the government developed a congenial modus vivendi with loyal provincial elites.
In effect, each priest had to work out his own modus vivendi of being faithful in the face of Nazi ideology.
They are aware of the threat that excessive political power poses to secure property rights, but see Putin and the oligarchs as having reached a modus vivendi in which the oligarchs have felt secure enough in the last few years to restructure production units, modernise, invest, and behave like entrepreneurs.
So for a brief period there was a sort of modus vivendi between the Shiites and the Salafi groups.