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Joint tenants own their estate by the moiety.


Joint Tenancy.


(moy-et-tee) n. Half. Generally a reference to interest in real property, moiety is seldom used today.


noun allotment, division, equal part, equal share, fifty percent, fraction, fragment, half, indefinite portion, indefinite share, measure, parcel, part, percentage, piece, portion, ration, section, segment, share
See also: segment


(pronounced ‘moy-ettee’) a half

MOIETY. The half of anything; as, if a testator bequeath one moiety of his estate to A, and the other to B, each shall take an equal part. Joint tenants are said to hold by moieties. Lit. 125; 3 M. G. & S. 274, 283

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It has been observed that adhesive samples prepared from aliphatic isocyanate and cycloaliphatic moiety show more resistance as compared to isocyanates with aromatic moiety as reported in Table 4.
Microemulgel an overwhelming approach to improve therapeutic action of drug moiety.
Concomitant CT scan abdomen demonstrate duplex left kidney and double ureters with large solid enhancing mass at lower pole moiety of left duplex kidney which is indenting and displacing lower pole moiety pelvi-calyceal system without invading and upper pole moiety pelvi-calyceal system of left duplex kidney was intact.
In this case, the upper pole moiety of the right duplicated kidney was small and dysplastic and the ultrasound failed to demonstrate duplex renal collecting system.
The diversity of sugar residue in an oligosaccharide, different linkages and variable anomery provide diverse function to the glycan moiety.
The team discovered that AnkX adds the phosphorylcholine moiety to a host protein involved in moving proteins from the cell's endoplasmic reticulum to their cellular destinations.
The tumor accumulation could be further improved by attaching a targeting moiety to MSNs, the researchers said.
The outcome, according to the company, is improved efficacy, which leads to lower dose levels and consequently lower cost of goods; while still providing improved ADME profile due to the addition of the PEG moiety.
This shape allows the MGB moiety to fit snugly into the minor groove--the deep narrow space between the two phosphate-sugar backbones in the double helix.
The technology utilizes a proprietary "linker" technology which connects the anti-cancer agent to the appropriate receptor binding moiety to form a conjugate.
Most important, FDA effectively granted Biostratum's first request by stating that products containing pyridoxamine, the active moiety of pyridoxamine dihy-drochloride (Pyridorin), are excluded from the definition of dietary supplements.
N-hydroxysuccinamide), each linked to a reporter moiety (e.