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Patient acuity exacerbates discrepancy between whole blood and plasma methods through bias and variance in molality to molarity conversion: "Mind the gap
Figure 4 presents the variations of conductivities with molality of solutions of citric acid in water.
Figure 2 is a plot of E[degrees]" at 0[degrees], 25[degrees], 60[degrees], and 90[degrees] C (open circles) as a function of molality.
The holographic sensor directly detects analyte molality (moles of analyte per volume of water) of the undiluted sample, and the YSI 2300 measures analyte molarity (moles of analyte per volume of solution) in a diluted sample.
The new generation of direct-reading glucose sensors responds to the molality of glucose, which is identical in whole blood and plasma, whereas the glucose concentrations in these two systems are different.
The new generation of direct-reading glucose sensors detect the molality of glucose [4].