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Several roadblocks have been preventing successful permanent mold casting of magnesium, the most important of which is a lack of suitable mold coatings.
Coatings used with aluminum create a reaction with the sodium silicate binder, producing a black oxide which results in the coating peeling off from the mold surface.
We found that real estate executives, architects, builders and mortgage lenders are taking precautions to protect themselves because of the mold exclusions recently written by the insurance industry on property and business policies.
Our latest survey shows that mold fear is growing exponentially among the major stakeholders in the real estate business.
On the surface, handling indoor mold growth appears simple.
Homeowners have sought cures for their "pain" from insurance companies, mold remediation specialists, and, in some cases, the courts.
On one hand, researchers know that harm can come from ingesting large amounts of mold in food or by inhaling high levels of mycotoxins--the toxins produced by a fungus--at some work sites.
That's why bodily injury claims based on mold exposure need to be examined on an individual basis, he said.
Most health officials say homeowners shouldn't worry which kind of mold they have; they just should get rid of it.
Entertainer Ed McMahon sued his insurance company, alleging mold in his Beverly Hills home sickened his family and killed his dog.
a trusted name in the household products industry, today announced the nationwide availability of its newest product, Mold Control 500.
Mold tryout capability with 88- and 200-ton presses.