molded together

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5-millimeter-thick Tepex insert is additionally placed on top of the LWRT blanks and molded together with them, so that the resulting components have a Tepex surface on the side facing the road.
Previous attempts have utilized a technique known as a "sintering," whereby tiny pieces of glass are molded together at lower temperatures.
We definitely have molded together and gotten used to writing music together again.
Our cultures were molded together during the Ottoman Empire for centuries.
Another technique that Uniloy and others use to boost production is neck-to-neck molding, where bottles of up to 500 ml (in Uniloy's case) are molded together at the neck and separated in a secondary operation.
Sold in a set of six but served in a single package, 'BURGER BUDDIES' comprise three pairs of co-joined buns, each consisting of two beef patties that are molded together and served with mustard, ketchup, pickles and tasty cheese.
The Colts (21-6) have had high expectations all season while they molded together a team that includes two transfers, two players returning from injury and another newcomer along with its returnees.
Pellets were ground into powder and compression molded together with 30% long-glass mat into 1-ft-square plaques.
Typical combinations of co-molded assemblies include: rubber to rubber, such as high voltage insulators/resistors that require conductive and non-conductive silicone rubber compounds be molded together in one assembly; rubber to plastic, such as electrical connectors consisting of a plastic hard shell with a molded in place silicone seal, and self cleaning shower heads consisting of a plastic head with molded in place silicone jets; and rubber to rubber to plastic - such as keypad assemblies consisting of a plastic frame with molded in place silicone rubber keys and conductive silicone rubber contacts.
Two pieces are molded together to create a cup-within-a-cup appearance.
In addition to finding RBCs, the doctor may find white blood cells that signal a urinary tract infection or casts (groups of cells molded together in the shape of the kidneys' tiny filtering tubes) that signal kidney disease.
Cream cheese is made from smooth particles of cream molded together.