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Supplies take-out robots and other automation for injection molding.
Electrical heating is typically preferred in LSR molding, usually in the form of strip heaters, cartridges or heating plates.
In 1998, a concept design was made for the loop molding line.
Hong Kong firm specializes in mold design, manufacturing, and molding.
Applications: Encapsulation, rubber molding, electrical, automotive
com, and a catalog business, and it's clear from the response that people are looking for a traditional decor again and the only way you can get it is with wood trims, whether it's crown molding or window and door casings .
Production and prototype tools for thermoplastic and thermoset injection molding.
Vickersil offers significant advantages to the current treatments used in elastomer molding.
Blow molds for injection blow, reheat blow, and products up to 750-gal capacity for extrusion blow molding.
The production of these components required higher levels from its phenolic urethane nobake molding line.
Its products serve the manufacturing and plastic part and injection molding industries.
The Xtend products offer a wide selection of mold sealers and releases for all types of resin and composite molding applications including open molding, compression molding, vacuum transfer, RTM, RIM and filament winding.