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In non-automotive applications, CPI is molding structural appearance parts for office-furniture leader Herman Miller of Zeeland, Mich.
Industrial designers and engineers skilled in CAD and CAE will take on greater importance within the molding organization.
Similar benefits of cost reduction and added functionality can be achieved with mono-sandwich molding and coinjection, two methods that combine different melt streams in a single shot.
Injection-compression - MHI Injection Molding Machinery of Wood Dale, Ill.
A second new feature will extend the software's ability to recommend optimum molding conditions based on shear and other data derived from mold analysis.
These Axelcon products are aimed at injection molding, compounding, and rotomolding of LDPE and HDPE.
The two liquid composite molding (LCM) technologies of structural reaction injection molding (SRIM) and resin transfer molding (RTM), having achieved the capability to automate the glass-preform process, are now embarking on new applications and finally beginning to demonstrate their full commercial viability for structural automotive components.
K Klockner Ferromatik Desma has a new COMline host system that can display current and scheduled molding jobs, optimally assign jobs to machines using its own guidelines, compile monthly and shift-by-shift reports, and retrieve setups from a high-capacity storage unit.
Compression molding, transfer molding and injection molding are common molding ways for silicone rubbers.
In 1976, Union Carbide filed for a patent on a new "web" molding process that injected gas to hollow out substantially all of a part and leave only a random pattern of supporting ribs between two skins.
Figure 1 follows the cavity pressure profile over time during the molding process.