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These disease commons form a network (figure 5) that will exploit the significant economies of scale and opportunities for cross learning (for example, common pathways and drugs) that come from rethinking cancer as a molecular disease.
This molecular disease model for such a common serious cancer provides the opportunity for patients (even late stage) and their physicians to work together to access promising new therapies," said Dr.
The molecular disease model for melanoma is the first of many such models planned by Cancer Commons, the open science initiative for personalized oncology that was initially convened by CollabRx.
We work with our customers in the areas of clinical trials, molecular disease research, toxicology, genomics, and signaling pathways and networks.
D, principal investigator of the trial, reported that of the 17 evaluable patients, 11 experienced a reduction in levels of cytogenetic or molecular disease burden (as measured by cytogenetic tests or polymerase chain reaction, respectively).

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