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A moment he let his fingers sink deep into the cold flesh, and then, realizing that she was already dead, he turned from her, to examine the contents of the room; nor did he again molest the body of either Lady Alice or Sir John.
Who pursues or molests thee, thou soul of a tame mouse?
Didn't you molest a number of women and expose yourself in the mall?
How can my client molest them in front of his wife and the rest of the students without them noticing?
IN TWO separate incidents in Kashmir, a police officer was arrested on charges of molesting a 13- year- old girl and a CRPF man was stripped and thrashed by people for allegedly trying to molest another girl.
A man is accused of conning his way into a children's play area at a mall so that he could molest the kids inside.
The Straits Times said Razak lured some of his victims during his rounds by asking them to help retrieve items from letter boxes in exchange for treats like coins and ice cream, and then took them to secluded spots to molest them.
the myth of homosexuality and podophilia It is a common misperception that gays are more likely to molest children than heterosexuals.
And sadly, among those contributing to the revival of that tired old myth are decent, honorable gay Catholic priests themselves, who don't molest anybody but who, by their frightened silence and refusal to stand up for themselves, are inadvertently allowing the smear to go unchallenged.
He developed a relationship with the child and with the child's parents all designed to take advantage, abuse, and molest the child.
In an interview for the one-hour reality series "Save Our Streets" last year, convicted child molester Larry Don McQuay stated "If I am castrated I will probably never molest (again).
What is barbaric is what I have done to so many children; refusing to castrate me is barbaric to the children I will molest.