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And we said fervently: it suits these people precisely; let them enjoy it, along with the other animals, and Heaven forbid that they be molested.
I told you what I'd do if you molested her, and, by the Lord.
You shall not be molested, the fair companion of your retreat shall not be pursued.
I went to Milan, no one molested me, my affair in nowise interested the State.
Yet even this, had I stayed there, would have done well enough; but as I rambled from them, and came there no more, the last letters I had from any of them were by my partner's means, who afterwards sent another sloop to the place, and who sent me word, though I had not the letter till I got to London, several years after it was written, that they went on but poorly; were discontented with their long stay there; that Will Atkins was dead; that five of the Spaniards were come away; and though they had not been much molested by the savages, yet they had had some skirmishes with them; and that they begged of him to write to me to think of the promise I had made to fetch them away, that they might see their country again before they died.
Summary: Police caught suspect red-handed on CCTV as he committed a lewd act in public and molested unknown number of females
A LAWYER has accused two female students who claim they were molested by their teacher at his home of making up the story to get out of studying.
The woman's Emirati sponsor complained to the police that she was molested by the accused in the lift of a building many times.
We arrested Ejaz Ahmad Shah after a complaint by locals alleging that he molested a minor," a police spokesperson said.
However, prosecutors told Dubai Court of First Instance that it was a lie and once inside he molested two boys, aged nine and 13.
On May 12, a female French student at the Lycee Francais de Shanghai lodged a complaint to local police that she had been molested several times by a US teacher surnamed McMahon since September, 2012.
In a recent incident reported in the national capital, another girl has been molested in a bus.