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The Emirati man testified that once they reached home, his younger brother informed him that he had been molested by the defendant.
She was allegedly molested by a 60-year-old school bus driver, who is due to appear in the High Criminal Court on Tuesday.
of Jeffersonville, was charged with two counts of child molestation in October 2017 on accusations that he molested two 6-year-old girls, while he was still a student at Jeffersonville High School.
An elderly man allegedly molested a teenager after offering her a free swimming lesson, a Dubai court has heard.
The 27-year-old Egyptian waiter came from behind, drew his body close to that of the 44-year-old Indian manager and molested her.
31 ( ANI ): A sub-inspector of Maharashtra's Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) allegedly thrashed and molested a woman in Pune's Shukrawar Peth area.
Aziz Khan a resident of Dhok Chiragh Din lodged a complaint with the local police stating that Mohammad Sadiq a rickshaw driver abducted his son Akram Khan 9 and took him to a wasteland where he molested him.
He told a jury: "It's kind of an issue when I was 13 - I didn't want to tell anyone that I was molested or that anything happened.
Carole Jenny found that 94 percent of molested girls and 86 percent of molested boys were abused by men.
soldier in March on suspicion he molested a 23-year-old Japanese woman, police sources revealed Wednesday.
However, abundant evidence proved the former counselor abused and molested the child at home.