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During further investigations the molester Azad Ali, a married family man having 3 children also confessed to molestation of a 12-year old girl in Dharki, a year ago.
Molesters, further, could be those who are entrusted with taking care of children such as the nanny, chauffeur, domestic servant, neighbours, juveniles and relatives.
It was the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky scandal in 2011 that finally provoked Andrist to confront his molester, Andrist says.
So why and how were the molesters kept out of other news?
He is certainly weird, but that doesn't make him a child molester.
but you used the term "child molesters," and they make a distinction between those of "pedophilia," like youngsters.
On occasion, rapists, child molesters, and their ilk also stir up unexpected irony.
Should journalists wait until a neighborhood rallies against a molester and stages a loud protest (or worse), making a news story a no-brainer?
The system returns a child molester to prison after he is captured by the police, after the child-victim has suffered the torture and savagery of being abused, after the child-victim has endured a grueling and humiliating interrogation by strangers.
A free workshop for parents to help protect their children from child molesters will be held tonight at Fairfield Elementary School in Eugene.
As a child molester, he resided among the lowest of the low within the prison dystopia, among the most despised and the most vulnerable.
Recent REACT contacts with parolees include a twice-convicted child molester, who targeted kindergarten-age girls.