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Upon confronting the defendant, he admitted that he had been molesting women," claimed the policeman.
During his police interview, the defendant admitted to molesting the children, police claim.
Shanghai police said that a six-year-old US student of the school has stated that he saw the teacher molesting a student at one point.
Abdul Razak Hamid, a 53-year-old father of three, was sentenced Tuesday to 16 years in jail after being charged with 75 instances of restraining and molesting girls aged five to 11 years since 1991, a police spokesman said.
The suspects have been charged with sexually molesting the girl and referred to the Dubai Court of First Instance," Gulf News quoted Humaidan as saying.
Nearly a decade ago, Falco was convicted of molesting two boys while posing as a Franciscan monk.
Geoghan eventually was accused of molesting more than 100 children over three decades.
The sergeant admitted molesting the girl, but police are still investigating as details of his story differ from those of the girl's, they said.
I would say within a couple of years that I would be molesting children again.
You'll find me in a Texas prison serving an eight year sentence for molesting a single boy.
Dubai: An off-duty policeman has been jailed for two years for luring a stewardess into his car and molesting her.
A 23-year-old Pakistani man stood in the dock at the Court of First Instance on Tuesday for allegedly molesting an eight-year-old girl.