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As well as mollification by assurances of loyalty, some investors and financiers calculated risk through the prism of race.
Does the ambivalence towards the closing of the I-Beam in Fargo signal a new and enlightened qualitative shift in the spaces and places of gay life or a mollification of queer social practices?
It was, alas, also a vision at odds with Obama's message of higher taxes, bigger government and international mollification.
Art isn't only capable of such mollification, it already provides as much, whether we are conscious of it or not.
That class played an important role in the mollification or abolition of autoritarian regimes, and in the emergence and stabilization of liberal democracies.
For example, it would hardly be adequate to confine our understanding simply to an Aristotelian emphasis on equity as a mollification of the law.
As the women suggest, Castledene's mollification of the baboon is analogous to his treatment of blacks.
Is this approach to environmental policy aimed at dealing with external costs or with the mollification of a certain self-selected political constituency?