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Meanwhile, in the case of the fluoroquinolones, poultry industry concessions haven't done much to mollify groups intent on criticizing agricultural antibiotic use.
If Lacan was right to remind us that the signifier is a body, Doppelt needs to mollify "Mange
To save the company, Spellman will have to mollify a long line of creditors.
The explanation for the confusion that Professor Slonim's diplomatic narrative exposes is predictable: the American determination to mollify Arab states to protect its oil supply, while maintaining an alliance with Israel that has been less enthusiastic than many American Jews would prefer to believe.
Of course, such admonitions do nothing to mollify gay-rights activists.
safety standards before they are allowed to begin traveling freely throughout the United States, but that promise did little to mollify the Teamsters Union and other protectionist labor organizations.
Huge profit margins, he writes, are being used to mollify shareholders and subsidize weaker members of media conglomerates rather than being ploughed back into newsroom operations, where they should be.
DeLong's fine review of campaign finance issues ("Free Money," August/September) is marred by including a page from the Republican Party play-book: that we mollify advocates of contribution limits by conceding a new requirement for "full and immediate disclosure over the Internet.
To mollify Moscow, Clinton Administration officials have told the Russians that they don't need to fear a first strike by the United States because their weapons remain on hair-trigger alert.
Ways to mollify this factor include permitting the state tax credits to reach beyond traditional income tax to other state tax revenues, such as state franchise tax and state sales and/or use tax.
plans to phase out the use of genetically modified corn in its beer production by April 2000 to mollify consumers concerned about gene-spliced food products, company officials said Friday.
A site on a bend which offers views in two directions along the river was chosen, and the architects decided to make the building as transparent as possible, partly to mollify the planners who had turned down two previous applications for more conventional structures, and partly of course to take full advantage of the views.