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At present the only flowers in the garden are the rockets, the pansies in the rose beds, and two groups of azaleas-- mollis and pontica.
Phasellus mattis, turpis ut vulputate faucibus, tortor sapien mollis justo, nec vulputate arcu nibh at dolor.
Hamamelis mollis, the more common variety, has quite a spicy fragrance to it too.
Alice was at home for the weekend so she took back a bunch all mixed up with Alchemilla mollis, surely the best flower imaginable as a foil for roses, paeonies or sweet peas.
The municipality intends Glarus North in 2015, the heavy metal remediation of the bullet trap ranges of the following five shooting - 300 m Shooting Range Upper Allmeind, Bilten;- 300 m shooting range Fens, Lower urns;- 25/50 m-shooting Fens, Lower urns;- 50 m shooting range Wydeli, Mollis;- 300 m Shooting Range field Bach, Mollis.
Etiam metus arcu, ultrices quis dapibus sed, mollis sit amet nulla.
I keep spotting tall Acanthus mollis, or bear's breech, right, with its stately spires of white flowers enclosed in pinky-purple bracts.
Patissier" by professional pastry chef Emmanuel Mollis is a beautifully and profusely illustrated, 288 page compendium showcasing a culinary wealth of French pastry dishes suitable for all dining occasions.