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In apperception, a monad is capable of producing clearer notions which, in accordance with the teleology of Leibniz, is the aim of the development of all substances.
Eliot, 'Leibniz's Monads and Bradley's Finite Centers', The Monist, 26.
In "A Litany," the significance of the monad is not lost structurally or thematically.
I'd like to re-identifty, in my own words, the very problem that any genuine reality theory has to deal with in terms of scientific epistemology as follows (as I have stated elsewhere on past occasions, especially in my work on a new kind of Reality theory, namely "The Surjective Monad Theory of Reality" or "Surjective Monism", and on my seminal address "On Meta-Epistemic Determination of Quality and Reality in Scientific Creation").
RIOTOUS New work Monad took Stravinsky to a higher level
Here again Garber convincingly argues against those competing interpretations, most notably Robert Adams's 'qualified monad conception' (93-7), that try to assimilate these ideas to Leibniz's subsequent monadology by downplaying the significance of corporeal substance talk in these middle years and emphasizing the continuity of this metaphysics with Leibniz's latter thought.
Harvey extends his representation of the monad as being open to outside relations to argue that understanding 'a category like "money"' is impossible 'without examining the way it internalises all sorts of other meanings such as commodity, labor, gender, status, memory, capital, and the state' (Harvey, 2006: 271).
The colours of the desert are expressed in Monad 2, while thin black markings suggest the trunks of young desert oaks.
This is before a far more potent substance, "Chew-Z," is introduced to the solar system, which turns its users into solipsistic monads whose realities are henceforth inhabited by the haunting and shapeshifting presence of the God-like and fearsome returning space-traveller Palmer Eldritch, with his victims realizing that they are continuously stuck in simulated worlds of Eldritch's making and control.
Thus, while a finite monad neither exists "in" space nor has extension, it nevertheless represents the universe as if from a point of view "rather as the same town is differently represented according to the different situations of the person who looks at it.
It was understandable that Hills should fancy the Miralgo colt as he shared his sire with Golden Monad, but the other buy seemed more speculative.
Levin, a historian, and Watkins, a literary critic, join forces in order to mount an indirect argument about how they think the English came to see England "as a unique social, political, and cultural space--a kind of monad insulated from the rest of Europe" (14).