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In discussing them I shall concentrate on 1) the special relationship between the development of music and the word (logogenic melody) and 2) the particular thematic relationship between Carter's songs and monadic art song.
First and most important, our social practices fall into monadic or bipolar forms already and thus become inaccessible or unintelligible if we don't have recourse separately to each of these two options.
Evidence at the monadic level is more mixed, with some studies
The monadic second-order logic of graphs, ii: Infinite graphs of bounded width.
In such a monadic relation of social parts to historical wholes, we find the larger significance of Toni Morrison's Love.
The ontological premise of the construction of this contradictory opposition ('is' and its negation cannot exist simultaneously), complemented by the belief that the definition of things is involved in the absolute 'is' rather than in the copula of the proposition, leads close to the Pythagorean monadic One, with the exception that the Parmenidean One is constituted only by being ('is') itself.
The fact that verb classes can be assigned a monadic semantic concept will be interpreted as a byproduct of classification rather than its essence or nature.
the monadic individual to make contact with the world and with other
The very possibility to educate oneself, to be able to open up new possibilities and life-paths and become a full member of social co-operation is no longer possible on the metaphysical grounds describing monadic individuals, but rather through phenomenological (desubstantialised) reconstruction of the self while reflecting on everyday socio-cultural interactions.
But this autonomy can only be constructed out of relatedness: it is not separateness, as implied in the notion of monadic individualism.
however, the novel also makes clear that the reasons for Sutpen's demise stem from his inability or refusal to adopt certain paternalistic attitudes and his clinging to his own monadic isolation in the pursuit of wealth.
Metaphysics, Soul, and Ethics in Ancient Thought (Oxford 2005), 88) who claims that 'The Greek name of each location appears in the dative inside a distinct complex monadic predicate formed with the preposition en.