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MONARCHY, government. That form of government in which the sovereign power is entrusted to the hands of a single magistrate. Toull. tit. prel. n. 30. The country governed by a monarch is also called a monarchy.

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William said it was difficult to look far into the future and predict changes in the monarchy.
And SNP deputy leader Roseanna Cunningham said: "I don't believe the monarchy should have any role in Scottish politics, or even British politics.
The monarchy is an ideal, symbolized by human beings being raised up to its office, but also being no less flawed then the rest of us.
And 57 per cent believe the state gives the monarchy too much money
The Monarchy provides a continuity which is missing with an elected and constantly changing president.
The planned wedding of Norway's Crown Prince Haakon to Mette-Maarit Tjessem Hoiby, a single mother whose son's father is in jail for drug-related crimes, has reportedly upset the Norwegians and brought about new calls to make the country a republic and dispose of the monarchy.
Canon Law controlled the Church After Vatican II failed to create changes in the curia's infrastructure, John Paul II's reign gave a new legitimacy to papal monarchy.
The result was that monarchy won with a score from -3 compared with democracy at -12.
What purposes can a monarchy serve in a democratic country?
Herb argues that the Arab monarchies of the Gulf have succeeded in fashioning enduring political rule through intrafamily cohesion, which he terms "dynastic monarchy.
With this document the supremacy of Parliament over the monarchy was established in Britain.
Indeed, there are signs that monarchy may even be undergoing something of a renaissance.