monetary exchange

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But on Tuesday, Cohen's statement denied that accusation and said the monetary exchange was "lawful" and "not a campaign contribution.
While pegged at P100 value, the coin may not be converted for monetary exchange.
At this, the counsel said that monetary exchange between wife and husband does not qualify as a loan and "financial issues between the two are personal matters".
At this, Naeem Bukhari said that monetary exchange between wife and husband did not qualify as a loan and financial issues between the two were personal matters.
com/content/big-mac-index/) Big Mac index , a measurement created by the Economist magazine to determine if the official international monetary exchange rates line up with the price charged for a specific product-in this case, a Big Mac.
The distribution of cash to Somali families utilized telephone transfers, a popular method of monetary exchange that bypasses the need to enter Al-Shabaab territory and controls who receives the funds.
3m POET Shares will be issued, subject to monetary exchange rate adjustment at the time of issuance, to the DenseLight shareholders in the event that DenseLight meets or exceeds a pre-determined revenue target during calendar 2016.
We have transformed diamonds from a personal asset into a new form of wealth and global monetary exchange," Lipton added.
The monetary exchange for what should be a Mother Earth natural bodily thing is the hard part to fathom.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 23, 2016-MIDsource signs agreement with World Reserve Monetary Exchange
Notices are still permitted on the boards, as long as the animals are being offered for adoption or relocation with no monetary exchange, while 'lost and found' notices are also allowed in order to reunite lost pets with their owners.
What is the value of having microfoundations for monetary exchange in a macro model?