monetary return

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Honesty maximizes value over the long term, even if by "value" we mean only the monetary return to shareholders.
The primary goal -- unlike most other accelerators -- is making an impact on society rather than monetary return.
Unlike most other accelerators, the primary measure of success for the Aspire Accelerator is societal impact rather than monetary return.
The monetary return on a 50/55kw turbine - if the figures are to be believed - is anything from PS42k to PS83k annually with payback of investment between four to eight years.
What makes their contribution even more special is they have associated themselves with amateur golf which hardly provides monetary return to sponsors.
investment includes both the monetary return and the value of that
The pageant organisers said in a statement they had filed a defamation suit against Monnin and were seeking monetary return for baseless claims and "defamatory" statements.
As a rough estimate, the rate of monetary return can be anywhere between eight and 12 per cent tax-free every year, indexed linked for 25 years.
The objective was to get students to be more interested in contributing their time and skills to community events without the expectation of monetary return.
For example, a reward prediction error might correspond to the difference between the projected monetary return on a financial investment and our real earnings.
One effect is that the monetary return to work is less and makes leisure relatively more attractive.
When the CSBI passes, Alaskans will get a fair monetary return from the industry's activities, and be able to keep Alaska's waters clean to support the state's fisheries resources as well as its independent travel industry.