monetary unit

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The economic efficiency that comes from a stable monetary unit of account is one of the pieces of a Hayekian infrastructure that a market economy requires.
Governments lacking the willpower to maintain price stability may attempt to ensure the quality of their monetary unit by adopting institutional arrangements that restrict their own monetary discretion.
Other factors indicating the need for a common monetary unit are high currency exchange and transaction costs, hedging costs, and the recurring turbulence in the foreign exchange markets.
The euro is the monetary unit of European Monetary Union (EMU) and will be launched on Jan.
For example, many companies are promising future upgrades designed to be Y2K-compliant or able to handle European monetary unit transactions.
But it only takes a few key countries to meet the criteria to require the rest of the world to begin accommodating the new monetary unit.
First, all dollar values are represented in pounds, the United Kingdom's monetary unit.
The new system must be dedicated to orderly monetary arrangements that provide equal access to a global monetary unit of account; this has nothing to do with furnishing capital itself or transferring wealth by government decree but instead would enable all individuals to voluntarily utilize a defined monetary unit for purposes of valuing goods and services.
Monetary Unit Unless otherwise indicated in this study, the monetary unit used is US dollars ($).
This would also form Rupee to Afghani deal over any other international monetary unit.
All the different goods and combinations of goods are bought with money and therefore, valued against the monetary unit.
Where in Europe was the drachma the monetary unit before the euro?