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Muhammad Khalifa Al Mubarak, CEO of Aldar Properties, said: "We are very pleased to host the world's largest money box at Yas Mall, especially since this is the first year the mall is open for Ramadan.
PC Julian Stevens, from the region's priority crime team which investigates burglaries, said: "He pretended to be asleep on the couch when we gained entry to the house, no doubt hoping to claim he'd been there all along, but all the items stolen - including children's Peppa Pig money box - were in that house with him.
One morning, the gentleman came by as usual, dropped coins into the money box, and started on his way.
Have your picture taken or get the whole family on the shot and your picture will be printed on the wrapper of a chocolate bar or syrup shaped money box.
Money Box also reported it has received more than 1,000 complaints about Yes Loans since 2004.
Each user has the chance to choose what they receive and can also opt to view information from current affairs programmes such as Panorama and Money Box.
The girls gave him some and the man began to walk away but then he came back, pushed over the stand and fled with the money box.
Wordsley: Make a Pet Money Box, Monday March 30, 11am-12noon.
ey also stole a red Adidas wallet and a blue money box from the at.
She did leave but then returned and went into the property through a window and took two iPods and cash, PS400 of which was in a money box underneath the bed.
I'd put it in my money box and save it for my holidays," came the reply.
Kelly Holmshaw and her husband from Blackpool were among the first customers to sign up, and Kelly told Radio 4 s Money Box programme that the scheme was life changing for her family.