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Not be confused with Staffordshire pastille burners, intended to counter the evil smells from the drains outside such homes - money boxes obviously have a slit cut usually in the roof of the cottage - they survive in sufficient numbers to be still available for under PS100.
Money boxes can be picked up from any Coventry Building Society Branch, the Cathedral Welcome Centre, the Blitz Experience or requested via the Cathedral's website - www.
The Yorkshire Society's chairman Keith Madeley said: "We've suffered in the crunch up here and while people might laugh I think money boxes make very sensible presents.
twitter Suspicions were roused because of the Join us @ large amount of PS1 coins being deposited when the company usually receive small amounts of money when emptying money boxes.
The Songbird is Singing by Alun Trevor The mantel shelf was rearranged so that the copper-coloured Empire State Building became the centrepiece, with our two metal, silver-coloured money boxes on either side.
January is normally a time people like to try and save a bit of money so we're sure the money boxes will prove popular.
Speed cameras are being used as money boxes to raise police funds.
Customer care manager Dave Hunter said: "I have never seen anything like it, there's been kids bringing their money boxes in and emptying them into the buckets.
The hospice also now has lots of new money boxes to give away to shops, schools or offices that would like to help raise funds for the appeal.
Alternatively, you could have two money boxes, one for spending and one for saving up for things like toys.
At one point the thinking man's Michael Moore had one of those little boy money boxes, dressed it up like an injured Iraqi kid which he left outside a meeting of companies looking to do business.
A MOST early examples of money boxes were made of cast iron, usually with a charming mechanical action.