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Money boxes can be picked up from any Coventry Building Society Branch, the Cathedral Welcome Centre, the Blitz Experience or requested via the Cathedral's website - www.
The money boxes, and now the skyscraper, were reflected in the big mirror behind them.
The Yorkshire Society's chairman Keith Madeley said: "We've suffered in the crunch up here and while people might laugh I think money boxes make very sensible presents.
Opinions differ as to why pigs should be traditionally associated with saving money, one theory being that early money boxes were made from an orange clay called pygg and that this name led to the boxes assuming a porcine form.
There is a genuine mystery surrounding the creation of 25 earlier Woody money boxes in 1996.
Speed cameras are being used as money boxes to raise police funds.
Customer care manager Dave Hunter said: "I have never seen anything like it, there's been kids bringing their money boxes in and emptying them into the buckets.
The hospice also now has lots of new money boxes to give away to shops, schools or offices that would like to help raise funds for the appeal.
Alternatively, you could have two money boxes, one for spending and one for saving up for things like toys.
At one point the thinking man's Michael Moore had one of those little boy money boxes, dressed it up like an injured Iraqi kid which he left outside a meeting of companies looking to do business.
I HAVE just read the Viewpoints letter (March 31) from Liz Tompkins in Victoria, Australia, about the dogs with money boxes.
BRITONS collectively save pounds 54million a week in loose change that they keep in money boxes and jam jars around their home, a survey shows today.