money invested

See: security, stock
References in classic literature ?
Aunt Elizabeth Swift had gone to the county seat concerning some business in connection with mortgages in which she had money invested and would not be back until the next day.
As the enraptured Ichabod fancied all this, and as he rolled his great green eyes over the fat meadow lands, the rich fields of wheat, of rye, of buckwheat, and Indian corn, and the orchards burdened with ruddy fruit, which surrounded the warm tenement of Van Tassel, his heart yearned after the damsel who was to inherit these domains, and his imagination expanded with the idea, how they might be readily turned into cash, and the money invested in immense tracts of wild land, and shingle palaces in the wilderness.
7 times money invested return on its equity investment in SoftTouch.
LAHORE -- National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhary has said that they are investigating scams of two housing societies in Lahore and money invested by overseas Pakistanis in these projects would be reimbursed to the affected expats.
Sources said the investors are not coming forward to lodge a complaint with the police as the money invested in the Ponzi scheme was illegal.
The money invested in lighting improvements is paying dividends in south east England by cutting emissions of planet-harming greenhouse gases and helping to save more than Au2 million to date.
The US government is confident that automaker General Motors will pay back the entire 50 billion dollars of public money invested in the company to bail it out, the White House said.
The investment will see pounds 16m spent on a new National Composites Centre in the Bristol area with further money invested in the development of new manufacturing techniques.
A study found that for every pounds 1 of public money invested in services through direct employment and procurement of supplies, a further 64p was generated in the local economy.
Instead nearly half of workers have their money invested in the scheme's default fund.
Foreign money invested in the country totalled BD2.
MORE than pounds 20m of North East taxpayers' money invested in stricken Icelandic banks may be at risk, it emerged today.