money order

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The minute he presented his money orders to the clerk, Mr.
Palawin said the money orders with a total face value of $631,470 was mailed via FedEx courier on Oct.
Advise your residents to hand-deliver checks and money orders to trusted employees whenever possible and not to leave any part blank.
Si es por cheque o money order, envielo a International Relief Teams, 4560 Alvarado Canyon Road, Suite 2G, San Diego, CA 92120-4309; pagina web irteams.
Perhaps Nexus might reconsider this policy, and include the acceptance of over-the-counter cheques and money orders in their much vaunted "plans for the future", rather than adopt the usual complacent attitude that no one accepts cheques any more.
Money Order disposed of more-experienced rivals in the bumper in the manner of a horse with a decent future
FDX 400 is a multi-functional dispensing system for selling, reconciling and reporting a wide range of transactions, from money order issuance to utility payments.
After the suspects received the cash, they listed daily breakdowns that showed, through a series of deductions, how specific amounts were used to purchase money orders at area financial institutions.
To cater the needs of the customers, the maximum limit of a single Fax Money Order, Urgent Money Order and Ordinary Money Order has been enhanced.
So far, many of the victims have lived in moderate-income apartment communities where residents are required to pay by money order or do so because they have no checking account.
By contrast, the increases in money order fees appear to have kept pace with inflation at banks and increased at a faster rate at savings associations, although the latter started from a considerably lower base.