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At the end of my second year at Hampton, by the help of some money sent me by my mother and brother John, supplemented by a small gift from one of the teachers at Hampton, I was enabled to return to my home in Malden, West Virginia, to spend my vacation.
Consumer protections agencies have pointed out that financial companies would pocket three per cent of money sent as donations for relief in Haiti as transaction costs.
It also suggested that the level of remittances, money sent by migrants to family members back home, has declined.
She was in charge of all the company's financial dealings, including money sent by parents who were seeking the services of child-minders.
He's got no way of recovering the money sent to the so-called shipper.
According to the BSP, money sent by OFWs through banks, as of the first quarter of this year, reached $4 billion (Dh14.
America's unionized employees have long watched their paychecks docked and the money sent off to faraway union coffers.
A full 30% of the remittances arrive in dollars, costing between 3% and 5% more than money sent in local currency.
The Boston non-profit organization, founded to fight poverty, recently unveiled a project that deposits money sent from the United States into a savings account for the recipient.
One day back when Rafael was only 98, he stopped by the consulate to see about getting some money sent to his retired relatives still living in Spain, his birthplace in 1898.
Money sent from an agent location may be picked up at a STAR ATM, or the customer could send the funds through a participating STAR ATM and have it picked up at one of our agent locations or another STAR ATM.
Remittances - money sent by Bulgarian migrants to family members back home - have hit a new high, despite the global downturn, data from the central bank shows.