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The flattened ruin of one was floating abeam of the Monitor, the rest had passed, dropping bombs down the American column; several were in the water and apparently uninjured, and three or four were still in the air and coming round now in a wide circle to return to their mother airships.
Their column was now badly broken, the Susquehanna had gone, the Theodore Roosevelt had fallen astern out of the line, with her forward guns disabled, in a heap of wreckage, and the Monitor was in some grave trouble.
But I leave the readers of these things to their own just reflections, which they will be more able to make effectual than I, who so soon forgot myself, and am therefore but a very indifferent monitor.
I know all that better than all these sage and experienced counsellors and monitors.
We landed under the walls of a little fort, armed with batteries of twelve-and-thirty-two-pounders, which Horta considered a most formidable institution, but if we were ever to get after it with one of our turreted monitors, they would have to move it out in the country if they wanted it where they could go and find it again when they needed it.
He and she had been monitors together of the composition books for one term.
He says there may be questions about how much refurbishment is necessary, but in general he agrees that a monitor sold for positive revenue does not resemble waste.
Priamus, a three-year old firm that supplies process monitoring and control based on cavity-pressure and temperature sensing, offers the Priamus Monitor system, which has been enhanced to display all measured signals in real time, not just at the end of the machine cycle.
LCD monitor average selling prices (ASPs) will consistently decline over next few years
And since the monitor is flat, the information you're viewing is not distorted.
FPDs represent the future of monitor technology and have several benefits over CRT monitors such as:
The statement recognizes the inherent problems of having an individual monitor his or her own compliance with the quality control system and encourages small firms to select qualified individuals outside the firm to monitor them, especially when changes have occurred in the firm, such as gaining new clients in an industry not previously served or rapid growth.