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Recent DPAs and NPAs that impose monitorships on companies now tend
Concerns about privilege may be addressed in limited waiver and confidentiality agreements with the monitor to ensure that the company receives notice and an opportunity to oppose any third-party requests to the monitor for company information learned during the course of the monitorship.
There is no ex post research into the attributes of successful versus unsuccessful monitorships--are the goals of the monitorship met and what inputs impact reaching the goals.
secondary data, we investigate the entire monitorship process including
As a direct result of the federal monitorship, Wright has made significant and wide-ranging changes in corporate culture and tone at the top," First Assistant U.
3 million driven by lower incentive compensation, reduced professional fees mainly related to our FCPA compliance monitorship that was completed last year and amortization related to internally developed software.
MUKASEY: Just to underscore the dangers of monitorship, I mean, those things can go on--I mean, I am to a certain extent talking against my own interests here, but to the great enrichment of lawyers and law firms who get monitorships and make a great deal on them.
3 million in the same quarter last year was primarily due to our increased compliance expenses associated with the ongoing monitorship.
8 million this year, following completion of our monitorship in the second quarter.
Department of Justice monitorship, as well as lower personnel costs, grants and sponsorships, and consulting costs.
On September 30, 2013, the Company fulfilled its obligations under its settlement agreements, including the successful and on-time completion of its compliance monitorship.
Department of Justice monitorship, which was concluded in the second quarter of fiscal 2009.