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The committee thoroughly deliberated the Bill clause by clause and detailed presentation was made over the proposed Monitory Policy committee and the proposed discretionary authority of the SBP governor.
Historically, Gulf countries do not have both institutional and policy frameworks on both fiscal and monitory policy front to fight inflation.
Under these unique circumstances the rise in the cost of the essentials should be calculated as a monitory figure (pounds X per week/month/year) and that should be the pay settlement target for everyone.
Lol Craven, arson task force manager, said: "Arson has a massive impact on the community, not only in monitory terms but it also has an impact on the community through the degeneration of areas and higher levels of anti-social behaviour.
The Access Agreement Monitory Report analysed how well higher education institutions had widened participation through support to students from lower income backgrounds from the additional income generated from top-up fees that were introduced in 2006.
Prism Business Media's "National Real Estate Investor" (New York), a monthly magazine for developers, builders, financial institutions, brokers and related professionals in the commercial real estate industry, has launched "Global Real Estate Monitory a monthly e-newsletter that focuses on U.
Certainly, the attempt made by Florentines centuries ago to corral the passions of adolescence for the welfare of the community is a monitory lesson for all who turn to the history of the premodern teenager--or who are concerned with their postmodern descendants.
is in the business of providing solutions to the tracking, monitory and telemetry needs of individuals, business and agencies.
But this is an issue which needs to touch every community if we are to get positive action from the World Bank and International Monitory Fund.
Finance is currently the main thrust of car advertising, with 29percent concentrating on monitory offers.
The leader of the Australian police contingent, Commander Tony Curtis, said his group will play a monitory and advisory role in the lead-up to the poll, in which East Timorese will choose between autonomy within Indonesia or independence.
While Dery's monitory thoughts concerning the infantile escapism of unbridled technophilia are often indisputable, his lack of commitment to alternatives threatens to lose the reader to the infinitely more impassioned theories of his subjects.