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Mono casts better than fluorocarbon on both bait-casters and spinning rods--it's simply more limp and less inclined to take a set than most varieties of fluoro.
As a result of the improved temperature coefficient, the Mono X NeON 72 can generate more electricity on sunny days and even performs more efficiently on cloudy says, allowing one module to generate more energy per square foot, no matter what the environment.
neurosurgeon and clinical assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University at Buffalo in New York, added: "The Pyrenees mono plate is very user-friendly, as the plate is smaller and requires only one screw per level, which has allowed me to save time during both vertebral body prep for the plate and screw placement.
For more information about Xamarin support for Mono, go to support.
But the MONO won't be just about speed in a straight line, it'll out-corner most cars it meets on the track.
Manufactured by Mono, parts in the MUP range attract the same warranties and guarantees as parts for the Mono's own progressing cavity pumps, and they have been designed to be used in seepex[R], Netzsch[R], PCM, Allweiler, Robbins & Myers, Bornemann and Orbit pumps.
Mono Tools is an add-in module to Microsoft Visual Studio.
0 of the completed product, Novell has also launched a new web site for potential Mono users (as opposed to Mono contributing developers) at www.
Novell claims that Mono is a community initiative which makes it easier to build and develop applications on Linux and other platforms, enabling developers to deliver their software to market faster and more cost effectively.
Artists and birds have always seen the beauty in the harsh moonscape of Mono Lake.
Xamarin, a mobile application platform startup founded by Miguel de Icaza, Nat Friedman and Joseph Hill, today announced immediate availability of Mono for Android 4.
21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Led by new integrated, max-performing AC-powered solar modules, LG Electronics USA is exhibiting a host of solutions from the LG Mono X monocrystalline module series here this week.