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MONOGAMY. A marriage contracted between one man and one woman, in exclusion of all the rest of mankind; it is used in opposition to bigamy and polygamy. (q.v.) Wolff, Dr. de la Nat. Sec. 857. The state of having only one husband or one wife at one time.

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However, many exclusive and non-exclusive monogamous couples may find that having happiness for their partner's extradyadic relationships, necessitates the ability to understand and empathize with their partner's needs of intimacy.
Today, monogamous primates such as titi monkeys native to South America have very low rates of infanticide.
The mammal paper in Science excluded humans, while the primate analysis in PNAS counted people both as monogamous and not, because that differs around the world.
Most bird species are socially monogamous, in permanent relationships with a partner of the other sex.
To explore whether wife-specific fertility preferences and contraceptive use in polygamous marriages differ from those in monogamous marriages, researchers analysed data collected from a demographic surveillance site in Karonga district, Malawi.
It left the Second City fifth in a table of the most monogamous major European cities and the third in the UK.
His new wife is the daughter of a local politician from President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF party, and the couple did not sign the monogamous registrar as previously planned.
She first looks at the creation of the monogamous ideal, and how this was sustained by using techniques such as deliberately besmirching reputations, or, even worse, taking away children deemed "illegitimate.
We asked the respondents to assume that they were in a monogamous relationship and that they had had sex with someone other than the primary partner.
I don't believe you have to be monogamous, but you have to be respectful.
Faced with the problems of a male dominated profession and society's demands that she be monogamous, Mandy has to figure out which man to dedicate herself to when she yearns to be with both.
I show one of the highest rates of extra-pair paternity (EPP) ever recorded for a behaviorally monogamous mammal.