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Our encounter with such cinema remains always already heteronomous--neither bound nor monological.
36) Since cultures are neither monolithic nor monological, cohesion occurs around common concerns--a shared sense of the importance of the negotiations transpiring around the meanings and applications of various cultural elements, texts, and values.
Giving up on the enigmatic signifier for architectural narrative studies, from this point of view, cannot restore a monological discourse, and the narrative, as demonstrated above, can always be reversed.
Pinter dramatizes the conflict between centre and margin, the political economy of the same and the resistance of difference by presenting the opposition between the constraining monological language and subversive heteroglossia as a conflict between the officially sanctioned language of the state and the language of the marginalized mountain people.
This notion is supported by Goertzel, (1994), who believes that conspiracy theories form part of a monological belief system that enables individuals to comprehend new or threatening phenomena.
Buber identifies Kierkegaard as a precursor to dialogical philosophy, yet also criticizes him for contributing to strongly monological trends in 20th Century philosophical anthropology (33, 41, 48).
Timothy Sweet emphasizes the narrator's shifting points of view, telling us that the narrator is "not a monological speaker" (187), and David DeVries and Hugh Egan go even further: instead of thinking of the speaker as a coherent character, we ought to read the poem as a "heteroglossic" composition of "competing philosophical discourses" (20, 31).
The primacy of therapeutic expression is, in turn, premised on a western cultural concept of the self as agentic, rationalistic, monological, and univocal, and the western notion of personhood as egocentric and individualistic.
Many of the links from the menu in the front page leads us to monological theoretical discussions of issues concerned with migration, without even presenting any artifacts or historical data on the issue being debated (see http://www.
Anyone familiar with Habermas's moral philosophy will be aware that he posits a distinction between moral theories of two fundamentally different kinds: monological and dialogical.
The effects of monological and dialogical argumentation on concept learning in evolutionary theory.
First, playing on the multiple associations of the word "queer," which can connote both a general sense of oddity and a specific non-normative sexuality, as well as the similar dual associations connected to "straight," which literally means non-curved and serves as a metaphor for heterosexuality, Fincher in essence proposes--or imposes--a sexualization of narrative in which chronological, monological narrative structure is associated with normative sexuality while deviation from this narrative structure is associated with sexual "perversion.