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He avails himself of the epic narrator's traditional means--similes, metaphors, personifications--presents a locomotive as a wheezing granny (1, 137), has the waves of the River Spree monologize (11/1, 243) and fate hold the steering wheel (1, 197).
10) This last point is crucial for Miron, for it supports his larger claim that Mendele does not monologize to us so much as he performs for us, and that a deep understanding of Mendele's role in Abramovitsh's fiction demands that we never lose sight of the performative nature of Mendele's speech.
For 90 minutes we are treated to little more than oppressive close-ups of Tuesday Weld's face, as she monologizes her affectless woe, and shots of Orson Welles performing magic tricks, as he spouts rabbinical paradoxes delivered in a Yiddish accent.