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Russo estimates that she and Sexton have gone through maybe half of Gray's journals, no small task given that the monologuist filled up pages for 40 years of his adult life.
Currently, Alumit works for the Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team, lives in the "Swish Alps" of Silver Lake, and regularly performs as a monologuist.
Anna (Marta Balletbo-Coll), a monologuist and Barcelona tour guide, meets and falls in love with Montserrat (Desi del Valle), a visiting American scientist.
Culture Clash will do a selection from ``Chavez Ravine'' Sunday, joining monologuist Heather Woodbury, who tackles the Brooklyn-to-L.
For autobiographical material to work well [onstage], it has to use your own details to illuminate something that's of resonance to the audience," says Obie award-winning monologuist Lisa Kron.
Is monologuist Sandra Tsing Loh a budding ``shock jock,'' or a victim of circumstance and perhaps some questionable judgment?
Interviewed about ``Reilly,'' the actor/comedian referenced Ruth Draper (1884-1956), the Manhattan-born monologuist who performed professionally from 1920 to her death.
Fabulously successful, he lives in a small mansion with his elegant trophy wife, Isa (Natacha Regnier), and his younger brother, Patrick (Stephane Guillon), a cabaret monologuist whom Jean-Luc supports with a chauffeuring job.
Draper was a monologuist who would enact several different characters in the course of a single performance without the use of scenery, extensive costumes or props.
UNCOMMON TALENT: National Public Radio monologuist Sandra Tsing Loh will perform her new piece ``A Year in Van Nuys'' at 6:30 p.
Whiteboys: Stage monologuist Danny Hoch (``Jails, Hospitals and Hip Hop'') plays a white Iowa teen-ager who dreams of moving to the Chicago ghetto and writing hit rap songs.
His father was a monologuist who did comedy routines.