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And you can bet that there was never a dry eye in the house when some music hall monologuist boomed it out.
The venue of the long poetic form allows this comic monologuist the
A CENTURY AGO, the original vagina monologuist, Sigmund Freud, threw up his hands and famously asked: What do women want?
A storyteller and comic monologuist, DeMark did two Newport shows, "Writing My Way Out of Adolescence" and "Went to Lunch, Never Returned," in 2003 as part of the Nye Beach Writers Series, monthly programs sponsored by Writers on the Edge.
Pearson, a gifted monologuist, reimagined the Biblical figure as a Jewish-American woman in the 1950s, arguing with God and her husband in old-time, borscht-belt routines.
Historians cite Benny as the first monologuist to get laughs at his own expense; Eminem is the rapper who plays the dozens on himself, with torrents of slant rhymes raining down across the beat.
The idealization begins to jar because it is at odds with the image the monologuist sees when he looks in a mirror, and the discrepancy between the idealization and his sense of reality begins to separate love from need and Andrew not only from Sven, but from the other four characters.
In the case of Coleridge, we are reminded again and again (by Peacock, Hazlitt, Hunt, De Quincey, Carlyle, Emerson, among the more eminent) of Coleridge the talker, the orator, the monologuist, the windbag; the other recurrent motif is of indolence, drug addiction, and squandered genius.
Monologuist Gray brings his latest work to Sarasota in his Van Wezel debut.
In Swimming to Cambodia, the actor and monologuist Spalding Gray talks
The monologuist makes the lady Porphyria seem first like the heroic well-born Porphyro when she comes to awaken her lover from his lassitude; she is also Madeline with Madeline's sexual desire writ large.
In addition, he gives us a focused look at particular features of the form, such as the developing role of conferencier, who, we can now see, was the forerunner of the solo performance monologuist of the 1980s and 1990s.