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MONOMANIA. med. jur. Insanity only upon a particular subject; and with a single delusion of the mind.
     2. The most simple form of this disorder is that in which the patient has imbibed some single notion, contrary to common sense and to his own experience, and which seems, and no doubt really is, dependent on errors of sensation. It is supposed the mind in other respects retains its intellectual powers. In order to avoid any civil act done, or criminal responsibility incurred, it must manifestly appear that the act in question was the effect of monomania. Cyclop. Pract. Medicine, title Soundness and Unsoundness of Mind; Dr. Ray on Insanity, Sec. 203; 13 Ves. 89; 3 Bro. C. C. 444; 1 Addams' R. 283; Hagg. R. 18; 2 Addams' R. 102; 2 Addams' R. 79, 94, 209; 5 Car. & P. 168; Dr. Burrows on Insanity, 484, 485. Vide Delusion; Mania; and Trebuchet, Jur. de la Med. 55 to 58.

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Family physicians "are monomaniacally focused on trying to expand access to care in California, and some folks take that to be saying, 'We should have expanded scope" of service," said Mr.
Spellbound is a taut, wonderfully watchable movie, but, as it delved deeply into the families behind some of the contestants, I couldn't help thinking of those years of monomaniacally obsessive preparation as a form of child abuse.
This terrible egotism leads him to exploit others--particularly Zenobia and the pitiful ice-maiden Priscilla--to further his monomaniacally embraced ideal: fruitlessly, as it proves, for Coverdale, embittered by the damage he has done, forces him to confess that he has reformed not a single criminal.
Then the relevant market methodology monomaniacally employed by the antitrust agencies will have been blind to the larger anticompetitive dangers posed by massive mergers and combinations.
Eventually we realize that Claire's illness is, after all, one of the spirit--like many young professionals today, monomaniacally burrowed into work and living apart from the rest of the world, she is self-obsessed.