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Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas spokeswoman, Sonia Williams, stated, "The judge's denial of GE's motion will ensure that a judge will hear the facts of a case that describes how GE seeks to monopolize the market for variable speed wind turbines in the United States.
Damascus has stressed that no Arab state should monopolize the secretariat general of the Arab League, and anyone with the right credentials is entitled to run for the position, the Beirut leftist daily AS SAFIR reported Monday.
What would happen if NTT were allowed to monopolize the optical fiber era?
If Aerolineas gets its way and buys Pluna, it could monopolize Uruguay's busy skies.
According to Eliot Spitzer, attorney general for New York, one of the states which spearheaded the investigation into Bristol, the company managed to monopolize the marketing of paclitaxel-based anti-cancer drugs until October 23, 2000, and until April 2002 was one of only two companies approved to sell such drugs.
Not only did the boys monopolize the computers, but they spent most of their time playing games.
Developing new drugs and new classes of drugs is expensive, due to the need to protect public health -- and because the system also reflects the need of large companies to monopolize the market and keep out small competitors.
The UN opposes the American embargo on Cuba not because it wishes to eliminate the practice, but because it intends to monopolize it.
The announcement follows a federal judge's finding that Microsoft illegally used its monopoly in personal-computer operating system software to monopolize the market for Web browsers.
If co-workers regularly catch you in the hallway and monopolize your time, have an escape plan prepared.
In 1890, Congress passed the Sherman Antitrust Act, which forbade monopolizing or attempting to monopolize trade.
Penn National pulled out of their deal in Kansas because they would not be able to monopolize the casino market in Cherokee County.