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When I was a student of his, he told me that I could be as successful as I wanted to be,'' she remembered, despite the fact that at the time, men monopolized the screenwriting profession.
They were pleased with the availability of such a solution on the market which until now, has been monopolized by proprietary tools which has considerably limited their development capabilities.
Litton charges Honeywell monopolized the market for gyroscopes in airplane navigation systems, at times using cash payments, interest-free loans and other inducements to help it gain control of more than 90 percent of the market.
com) is a company, which has emerged as a player in the area of independent film production and distribution, once monopolized by the major film studios.
Seniors Mike Grieb and Ryan Neufeld have monopolized the playing time, leaving little opportunity for transfer Randy Hakes and redshirt freshman Bryan Fletcher.
unlawfully monopolized the markets for four computer memory technologies incorporated into industry standards for memory computer chips.