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Digits in Korean are monosyllabic and spoken very fast, presenting a challenge for any recognition engine.
A failed gold digger named Noelle, whose monosyllabic boyfriend Scot is bankrupt.
Russell''s acting abilities are hardly tested and he's a little disconcerting as the monosyllabic soldier, but the superbly choreographed action scenes make for enjoyable viewing.
Among the topics are sonority and sonority-based relationships within American English monosyllabic words, whether the sonority sequencing principle is an epiphenomenon, sonority variation in stochastic optimality theory and its implications for markedness hierarchies, sonority and the larynx, the sonority dispersion principle in the acquisition of Hebrew word final codas, and acceleration peaks and sonority in Finnish sign language syllables.
12&13 TRAVEL WHY did the monosyllabic man go to Greece?
To know what exactly while hearing that speech make us take these decisions, he decided to focus on sexual orientation, which-previous studies had shown-can be correctly ascertained by listeners hearing only one monosyllabic word.
Figure 1 presents the measurement results of such monosyllabic words which consist of a monophthong and a diphthong.
Cabbies in Brum tend to be more monosyllabic but I was surprised to find they are criticised for being "grumpy and surly" in a survey conducted by Research for Design on behalf of Birmingham City Council.
Focusing on a group of spoilt, narcissistic LA brats, all with monosyllabic names and monotonous voices, it was an extraordinarily shocking portrayal of a vacuous young generation.
However, our monosyllabic tone and the slow pace of our voice must have offended her as she asked us "to please calm down"[ETH]
A simple, monosyllabic word like "troi" (to turn) becomes a bisyllabic "tyrrrroi", often delivered in a shower of saliva
We've a council devoted to turning our town centre into an identikit, multi-outlet, soon to be a desert, and a self-styled Assembly Government comprising a fourth-rate bunch of political nonentities, led by a monosyllabic bungler.