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To validate its capability to describe the monotonic deformation of PC, the modified model is firstly verified by the strain-controlled/stress-controlled monotonic tension tests as well as the tension creep tests.
Thus, the monotonic and stimulatory effects of BPA on SR [Ca.
Before giving the case when f is convex and u is monotonic nondecreasing and bi-Holder, we establish sharp lower and upper bounds for the remaining differences as follows:
Merovci, Some Completely Monotonic Properties for the (p, q)Gamma Function, Mathematica Balcanica, New Series, 26(2012), Fasc.
From this equation, the cyclic strength coefficient (H') and cyclic strain-hardening exponent (n') can be defined, allowing the comparison between monotonic and cyclic mechanical behaviors.
If f is monotonic type and of Class [LAMBDA][alpha] ,0 < [alpha] < 1, then the nth partial sums [s.
During the monotonic torsion experiments the monotonic torsion curve was defined.
In recent years there has been some controversy over whether design values based on monotonic testing should be reduced, as the City of Los Angeles/UC Irvine shear wall test program (CoLA/UCI 2001) recommended a reduction in allowable unit shear values.
The present paper illustrates the push out monotonic tests, as a preliminary part of the experimental campaign, on the reversible innovative connection system for composite timber-steel-concrete-floor, consisting in a steel collar, astride the timber beam, with the interposition of a rubber layer.
DELTA]] [member of] N and a monotonic decreasing positive real function [K.
Modeling reading rate performance could be constructed as the difference of two monotonic functions and be the algebraic sum of increase and decrease in reading rate with print size increase.
He now has a hole in his neck which needs to be covered to let him speak in the monotonic growl that belies his amiable persona.

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